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Award winning family and children photographer based in Bay Area.



Hi! I am Natallia, and I am so glad you are here!


I am a wife to my wonderful husband Donovan, the mom of the most incredible son Konstantin and my baby-girl dog named Belka. The most important goal on my photography journey is to capture sincere emotions, loving hugs, and create warm memories through my artistic view that you will cherish for years to come.

On my creative journey I like to use two directions. I use light, color and emotion for my traditional sessions, as well, as storytelling photography. This passion began while noticing how special and magical the "ordinary" little things seemed to my son and how life is full of these precious moments that are here one day and gone the next. Therefore, I tried to notice and capture those little milestones in a fun and exciting way, so I can remember them for the rest of my life. Now I am happy to offer these experiences to my clients.

What  I offer:

Traditional Sessions

If you are looking for a photo session to record your happy moments, celebrate a special occasion or create your family's special memories, this session is for you. This includes holiday portraits for the family, a maternity session to capture that growing belly, or if you are in the dance industry and need professional images for your portfolio or Instagram account.

I shoot lifestyle and posed images to record the most precious moments for you. I use a light and airy style of editing and it is completely different from the one I use on my storytelling photography. So, if you see some of my pictures look different than the others, now you know why.


Storytelling Photography

If you are looking for a more creative approach with the elements of fairytale and magic that reflect the wonders of everyday life - this is for you!


Storytelling sessions are my favorites! These sessions are best for kids but could be used for small families or portraits as well. I put a lot of thought and love into creating those beautiful images.


The approach I use in the editing process is different from the one for standard sessions. Therefore, it usually takes more time to deliver galleries with fewer images than those I offer for regular sessions. The editing includes slimming, hair smoothing, teeth whitening, manipulations with color and light and other special editing techniques.

This is a true piece of art! It is like painting the picture when the artist's vision comes to life!

When it comes to my storybook photography my goal is to tell a story with every picture, and how I shoot depends on what story I try to convey.

Creating stories with children are my favorite ones. Sometimes I can just give an idea to the child and the story will come from his/her heart. All I do is just give a direction on where to go with it.

Sometimes kids do not want to look at the camera and that's OK. However, some of my favorite shots are children doing their own thing and not looking at me. I feel that I can get the sincerest and genuine emotions from the little guys when they are busy with letting their imagination flow.

My goal is to create your beautiful story that you will fall in love with, the masterpieces that you will admire for years to come. I want my images to be the ones you glance at when your children are grown that cause you to smile and reflect on that moment in time.

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Kind Words

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In love with the shots from my photoshoot!

I can't stop rewatching and I can't choose the best one,

because all the pictures are amazing!


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